Hard Management Situation

Posted on 28/05/2019, in Career.

A case study of hard situation

  • Incoming engineers got stunned by how thin the infra we have and how hacky of our solution.
  • One engineer claimed publicly the codebase of my team is messy and would like to rebuild everything.
  • During a syncing meeting with my manager/CEO, one my direct report disputed what I synthesise/summarize.
  • During an on-site visit of 2 months, rumor spreads in the head quarter that the project is getting stuck because I am not doing good job.
  • After the on-site visit, a new management meeting/org was arranged with me left out.
  • An engineer from another team wants to transfer to mine, with an update of his/her job title.
  • An engineer work closely with my team want me to help him stay away from hot potatoes in his/her team.
  • An engineer manager took over your codebase and claim the ownership on it.
  • Engineers felt disconnected and confused of the frequent pivots of the management team.
  • The organization start refining the other part while solution is not there.
  • An engineer manager proposes an unrealistic project and is looking for your endorsement.
  • An engineer team built terrible infra and would like you to use it; the cost is huge.
  • A project turns out to be a failure; In the postmortem, none of the team is willing to take a single bit of responsibility.
  • My team and the other one lost trust to each other and felt hart to collaborate.
  • My mentor in management and engineering left the organization.
  • A senior person joined the organization as my manager.
  • The engagement survey shows unsatisfactory result; my manager is not happy.
  • My direct-reports are not sure where they are and what would be the next step in their career.