The secrets of successful AI Start-ups: Part II

Posted on 17/05/2019, in Medium.
  1. AI chip and hardware makers who are looking to power all the AI applications that will be woven into the fabric of organisations big and small globally;
  2. The cloud platform and infrastructure providers who will host the AI applications;
  3. The AI algorithmic and cognitive services building block makers who provide the vision recognition, speech and deep machine learning predictive models to power AI applications;
  4. Enterprise solution providers whose software is used in customer, HR, and asset management and planning applications;
  5. Industry vertical solution providers who are looking to use AI to power companies across sectors such as healthcare to finance;
  6. Corporate takers of AI who are looking to increase revenues, drive efficiencies and deepen their insights;
  7. Nation states who are looking to embed AI into their national strategies and become AI enabled countries.

Not really convinced or learn anything new from the other part of the post.

Link: The Secrets of Successful AI Startups. Who’s Making Money in AI? is an post sharing the landscape of AI industry with a perspective of start-ups. It mentioned some entities in this collaboration/competition: